Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blog Money- PPV

In this post you will learn the benefits of PPV (pay per view). I will tell you how you can make ALOT of BLOG MONEY, and link it with CPA offers to make massive returns for little investment...yes investment, by reading other methods on this blog (if you havent already then please scroll down) you should of, or should be making money online already without any start up fee's.

What is PPV?

Pay per view is a fantasic way of getting targeted traffic to your website, landing page, e.c.t. If youre familiar with what pay per click is or PPC such as google adwords, then you may have heard of this before. Basically what you do, is you run campaigns at, you have to put a deposit of $100 down, which is used in your campaigns.

Why am I paying $100?

By putting down $100, this is your budget for your campaign, you use this to get traffic to your destination page. For example, you could make a blog or sniper site about anything with a product or have adsense on their, make it entising. So you get target traffic, potential buyers to your affiliate link... what more could you want? thats blog money thats going to erupt!

How is the traffic targeted?

When your starting your campaign you have to choose specific keywords, or urls. Choosing URL's is better because its way more targeted! So what you do is you go to google and search something like "buy HD tvs" you take all the URL'S which are selling HD tvs and then send them to your blog for Blog Money, you can make this even more targeted by searching specific models -i recommend you do that!

So how do i get traffic?

Well when you have set up your campaign, and its been approved, the URL's or keywords you have targeted, will get you traffic to your site. What happens is, when someone searches for your keyword, or goes to the URL, your blog, or landing destination will pop-up in full screen mode over the websites main, page so you get the traffic. Now for each person that views your page it will cost, and that will come off the $100, but dont worry, it costs like $0.004 for a view so you will get 1000 visits for $4... $100/4 = 25 right ? 25 x 1000 = 25000, for $100. Now if youre offer on your page is worth an affiliate commission of $47 and 2% of the 25,000 views converts (2% is logical)  You will get 500 buyers now for more of the maths $47 x 500 = $23,500.... making you a $23,400 profit. PER MONTH.

So now do you see where all these big earners are earning their money ? BLOG MONEY!

A great programme at to help you increase conversion rates and get for $30 off youre first deposit, is 

What else you get with this, which i find very very, helpful is a bit of software that finds you keywords or URL's super quickly so you dont have to go around checking sites out , e.c.t. - I recommend this.


Sign up:   -- free sign up

Grab a copy off: -- $49 onetime sign up fee

My next post will be about CPA offers and squeeze pages/email marketing how to rake hundreds a day with these methods. So follow this blog, and you will be updated.

Whilst waiting for that post sign up to   -- you will need it !

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