Saturday, 23 July 2011

Blog Money- CPA

CPA - Cost Per Action, is a great free way to monetise your blog for money. Putting offers from CPA networks such as Maxbounty (I use this one) on blogs can, make you a shed load of money, depending on your traffic, you could earn $100's a day. You can also use youtube videos to make money from CPA, the most ive made from one sign up was $2.70 and using the free youtube methods ive provided, you can make easily upto a few thousand a month, depending on what offers you do, so sign up to max bounty here, get approved- Just say your traffic is from youtube. If you do the free 'email submit offers' you need to make alot, im talking like 100 videos in windows movie maker, which is unreal how simple it is just get some pictures of google e.c.t. This can make you like $150 a day easily.

Anyway back to blog money, you can create a competition blog e.g., go to google check out some of the big competition sites, and use their text to guideline a few posts, so you have good content on your blog. Get banners from offers off of maxbounty then put them on your blog, if you dont know how to do this please leave a comment. Drive traffic, getting backlink blasts from fiverr, or youtube, blackhat methods, or anyother free or paid traffic, you can think off. Remember to make the offer relevant to your blog, like you could have a blog about, dieting - eating healthy foods, then put a banner up for acai berry pills. Acai berry usually has a free trial, so the customer only has to sign up for the free trial, and you will get paid, around $40...BLOG MONEY !!! Its that simple, + you can still have adsense your their generating income, the streams are endless really.

Tips for competition sites:

  1. Make it look good
  2. Get traffic
  3. Pitch the competiton, so they have to enter
  4. Put winner will be announce after __   Keep it below 50 - So they think they have more of a chance of winning so they will sign up! 

Targeted Traffic + Great Offers =  Unbelievable Conversions = MORE BLOG MONEY!!


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