Sunday, 11 March 2012

How to make money with Youtube - FREE METHOD

Youtube is one of the most visited sites in the world, for entertainment, information, and other uses. This makes it a great place to make bags of money. Some people are making thousands, daily from youtube. This includes kids as young as 13 years old!! Youtube has been classified as 'dead' amongst some internet marketers, ITS NOT!!! Many different methods are still in use and are still making alot of money. A few of these methods are:


Integrating youtube and affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make money online. Thousands of people are searching on youtube for ways to make money, and if you have a decent video on how to, then you will make a ton of money.

You may think the difficult problem will be getting a video, showing people how to make money online, but it's not. Infact it is very simple. You will need to sign up to clickbank ITS FREE! Then go to a product you like with a video on the sales page, mainly a video about making money. Download the video from the page, and upload it to youtube with your affiliate link from clickbank. Kids stuff.

Make sure you find a good product that is 'hot' at the moment. (good products have a high gravity on clickbank) The video will get views and YOU WILL MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE.

CPA (Cost Per Action):

Cpa videos are by far the easiest ways to make money through youtube. A few days work, literally 3 days of decent amount of work, would bag you thousands a month. There are many free guides on the net, so without me explaining it all go to warrior forum and find absolutely everything you need to know about CPA & Youtube.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a great FREE way to make alot of money online. Many people have gone off the methods of article marketing because, they believe its 'super' hard, its not. The biggest down fall 'marketers' have when writing articles is they try to sell the product too much. The key to making a sale, is to be honest about a product, or entirely upto you, if you want to make it up, but make sure it doesnt seem as if you are trying to get the reader to buy with a buyist article.

Writing about all the good points, saying its a 'faultless' product and will make you millions like the sales page says will not get you a sale. Period. I know i have tryed it and failed. We know nothing is flawless, heck, i bet youve been reading through this and thought i must be 5 years old with the way ive written this.

PRE SELLING is the ultimate key to earning money online, READ THIS  This is a must, once you have mastered pre selling you will make a ton of money online. 

Once you have read that you should be ready and have great understanding of how to write an article AND MAKE MONEY!!! You do not have to be a genuis as you can see i am not, but i can pre-sell pretty darn well and make $7000 + a month $3000 of which comes from article marketing, and im only 17. I am not lucky to be earning this much i have worked incredibly hard to get where i am today, and you can too! 


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blog Money- PPV

In this post you will learn the benefits of PPV (pay per view). I will tell you how you can make ALOT of BLOG MONEY, and link it with CPA offers to make massive returns for little investment...yes investment, by reading other methods on this blog (if you havent already then please scroll down) you should of, or should be making money online already without any start up fee's.

What is PPV?

Pay per view is a fantasic way of getting targeted traffic to your website, landing page, e.c.t. If youre familiar with what pay per click is or PPC such as google adwords, then you may have heard of this before. Basically what you do, is you run campaigns at, you have to put a deposit of $100 down, which is used in your campaigns.

Why am I paying $100?

By putting down $100, this is your budget for your campaign, you use this to get traffic to your destination page. For example, you could make a blog or sniper site about anything with a product or have adsense on their, make it entising. So you get target traffic, potential buyers to your affiliate link... what more could you want? thats blog money thats going to erupt!

How is the traffic targeted?

When your starting your campaign you have to choose specific keywords, or urls. Choosing URL's is better because its way more targeted! So what you do is you go to google and search something like "buy HD tvs" you take all the URL'S which are selling HD tvs and then send them to your blog for Blog Money, you can make this even more targeted by searching specific models -i recommend you do that!

So how do i get traffic?

Well when you have set up your campaign, and its been approved, the URL's or keywords you have targeted, will get you traffic to your site. What happens is, when someone searches for your keyword, or goes to the URL, your blog, or landing destination will pop-up in full screen mode over the websites main, page so you get the traffic. Now for each person that views your page it will cost, and that will come off the $100, but dont worry, it costs like $0.004 for a view so you will get 1000 visits for $4... $100/4 = 25 right ? 25 x 1000 = 25000, for $100. Now if youre offer on your page is worth an affiliate commission of $47 and 2% of the 25,000 views converts (2% is logical)  You will get 500 buyers now for more of the maths $47 x 500 = $23,500.... making you a $23,400 profit. PER MONTH.

So now do you see where all these big earners are earning their money ? BLOG MONEY!

A great programme at to help you increase conversion rates and get for $30 off youre first deposit, is 

What else you get with this, which i find very very, helpful is a bit of software that finds you keywords or URL's super quickly so you dont have to go around checking sites out , e.c.t. - I recommend this.


Sign up:   -- free sign up

Grab a copy off: -- $49 onetime sign up fee

My next post will be about CPA offers and squeeze pages/email marketing how to rake hundreds a day with these methods. So follow this blog, and you will be updated.

Whilst waiting for that post sign up to   -- you will need it !

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Blog Money- CPA

CPA - Cost Per Action, is a great free way to monetise your blog for money. Putting offers from CPA networks such as Maxbounty (I use this one) on blogs can, make you a shed load of money, depending on your traffic, you could earn $100's a day. You can also use youtube videos to make money from CPA, the most ive made from one sign up was $2.70 and using the free youtube methods ive provided, you can make easily upto a few thousand a month, depending on what offers you do, so sign up to max bounty here, get approved- Just say your traffic is from youtube. If you do the free 'email submit offers' you need to make alot, im talking like 100 videos in windows movie maker, which is unreal how simple it is just get some pictures of google e.c.t. This can make you like $150 a day easily.

Anyway back to blog money, you can create a competition blog e.g., go to google check out some of the big competition sites, and use their text to guideline a few posts, so you have good content on your blog. Get banners from offers off of maxbounty then put them on your blog, if you dont know how to do this please leave a comment. Drive traffic, getting backlink blasts from fiverr, or youtube, blackhat methods, or anyother free or paid traffic, you can think off. Remember to make the offer relevant to your blog, like you could have a blog about, dieting - eating healthy foods, then put a banner up for acai berry pills. Acai berry usually has a free trial, so the customer only has to sign up for the free trial, and you will get paid, around $40...BLOG MONEY !!! Its that simple, + you can still have adsense your their generating income, the streams are endless really.

Tips for competition sites:

  1. Make it look good
  2. Get traffic
  3. Pitch the competiton, so they have to enter
  4. Put winner will be announce after __   Keep it below 50 - So they think they have more of a chance of winning so they will sign up! 

Targeted Traffic + Great Offers =  Unbelievable Conversions = MORE BLOG MONEY!!


Friday, 22 July 2011

How to make blog money

Making money online is very simple, as long as you dont expect too much, i mean as much as you see in sales pages saying how you can make $654,000 in a month... you can but not from the start. Otherwise everyone would be rich! But there are simple ways, so keep reading and ill show a way

If you make any money online with no investment, then you make 100% profit simple as that, and free methods are the best ways to make money online, because the profit is 100%. Now a term i call blog money, is ridiculously easy to make. You need two things, a niche, online money making, sports , diet&fitness e.c.t, you get the point. The other thing you need is an adsense account which is free just head over to search adsense and sign up. If you can see the ads, down the side of this page click on one, then return back to this page... go on. BACK YET ? If you have done that thanks, you have earnt me some 'Blog Money' through adsense. Blogger is the easiest way to make money through adsense, because it generally takes a few clicks to set up! You earn blog money everytime someone clicks on your ad, BUT DONT EVER EVER EVER EVER CLICK ON ADS ON YOUR SITE YOU WILL GET BANNED!!

Anyway, your probably wondering how much ? But that varies on the niche. Find out how much head over to again and type in keyword tool. Type in  a keyword such as Blog Money actually dont type in make money online, then change the filter to global monthly searches language: English  Countries: Worldwide, then  you will see >= sign put in 2000 and leave the bottom one blank. Then go down the left side and you should see a box ticked, called broad, you do ? change that to phrase.

Now you have keyword ideas, see the ones that say competition, choose the one with the most (green bar length) These ones pay the highest amount. Now find one with searches like 2000 globally and take that and make a blogger site, such as -- this is probably taken but if not at your the first to notice this take it.

Now go to google a search how to make money e.c.t copy and paste articles, change them to your own words, make them more exciting you can get auto spinners but they cost e.g.Auto blogs (I would still do it manually but hey thats just me) e.c.t, now what you want to do is add adsense to your blog , for blog money. Remember NOT to click on your own ads. You will get banned.

So if you cant click your own ads you will need traffic to your blog for people to click them right ? YES.Paid traffic isnt always great and can be expensive and wont be profitable, but i do suggest you go on and look for someone to tweet, backlink, promote, your site for $5  to a few thousand people... Check the reviews, if they are a top rated seller then go with them! If they dont have a buyer then dont simple.

Free traffic = more blog money. How to get free traffic, easy. Follow these steps

  1.  Get Mozilla Firefox if you dont already
  2. Download iMacros or anyother bot
  3. Make a twitter account
  4. Get approved by twiends-- really easy!
  5. Get followers - tweet your site

Still want help with iMacros/Bots and twiends watch this video!! 

Now to big traffic, almost unlimited, a little blackhat method, watch the BLOG MONEY roll in. Make a niche in dating, get articles change it and do this one, sorry theres no video but just follow the method you will be fine. And if you follow this Blog i will update it on how to put better ads for more blog money on your site. So Please follow, i hope youve learnt from this, now please continue to use this free manual :)

DISCLAIMER: In my report, some of the techniques break the video producer
copyrights or trademark. Try them on your own risk. I can not be held liable for
any actions you may take after reading this report. This is for educational
purposes only.
I will try to be as short as possible, without any bullshit techniques, i have seen paid
youtube reports trying to explain how to watermark a video, or 20 pages of
explanations how to upload a video on youtube, that's lame.
I will not include here simple things like how to download videos from youtube, how
to watermark them, or how to upload videos to youtube. If you feel that you need help
with these ones, please ask for help in the forum.

Gaining views to your video
Make money online - very bad title
Make 100 000 $ online - it is better
How i made 100 000$ online - it is even better
How i made 101 437$ online in just 2 weeks - i would say this is the best
Sexy girl - very bad title
Sexy girl stripping - better
Sexy girl stripping for you - even better
Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen - i would say this is the best
Keep in mind: do not use generic terms or generic numbers for a title, since that
would not be credible. Use more exact details and people will pay more attention.
Other catchy phrases: Oh my god, THIS is insane, the WORST signer ever, usually
demand attention from user. Be sure to include capitalization in your title, but not a
full title written in caps letters. Just highlight the most important ones.
You can also use misleading titles: For instance you upload a trailer, but say:
“See the FULL movie here” People will enter to see the video like crazy.
Or, lets say you have a simply sexy strip video: You use phrases like the one
mentioned above “Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen” even if your video may
be just a simple strip one. The idea is to make the visitors watch the video. Later in
the report you will see how you can benefit from it.

Write as many tags till they will tell you that you have reached the maximum number
of characters possible. Simple as that.

First thing your description should contain your url with http://www in front of him
Then press enter 4-5 times.
Shitload of text here, take one of those keyword research tools that generates results
on an input keyword and copy paste plenty of text here. So far, youtube search engine
is based on descriptions but it does not penalize word spam so to speak. This will
drastically improve your rankings in the youtube search engine.

At youtube the thumbnail is just the picture from exactly the middle of the video. Pay
attention to this, a bad thumbnail can spoil your video. On the other hand, there are
people who got thousands of views just from the fact that they used a misleading but
appealing picture in the middle of the video, which appeared as their thumbnail

Be the first to upload
One of the secret of gaining youtube views is to be the first one to upload a potential
viral video. For instance, be the first one to upload a new trailer of a movie or of a
game. Be the first one to upload the highlights from champion leagues. Be the first
one to upload the latest celebrities’ spoofs. Try to take new videos from other
websites and upload them fast to youtube.
Use the youtube search feature and choose to rank the videos by the most recent
uploaded. There you can see potential gem videos. Take them and reupload them and
use proper tags description and titles to make them viral and surpass the original
You can use the same method but at another websites: see the most recent uploaded
videos and reupload them at youtube with proper tags.
What i do. I search youtube for new sexy videos, when i see something good i
download them and reupload them using extremely well defined tags, titles, and
descriptions. After this, I go back and flag the original uploaded video from different
accounts as being adult and breaking youtube TOS. Youtube removes that video and
there is plenty of space for me to gain the views. Another trick from here: Have an
established youtube account, old and with plenty of views. This way, if you upload a
shady video, your account is not going to get banned, just the video will be removed.
If a new account uploads an adult video and is flagged, youtube tends to ban the
account as well not only the video. If an established account uploads an adult video
and is flagged, the video is removed, but the account is not deleted.
Another benefit of established youtube accounts is that you appear more often on
related videos, or more videos by this user and you get more exposure

 How to get honours on youtube?

I have seen recently this only technique being sold for 19$. It is very simple and can
be made in 2 different ways:
The first one is to purchase a software on the market that auto comments and auto
rates on your video.Tube automator, or tubeinator as I remember where doing this.
You may want to check out in the forum for these scripts as well. You will get plenty
of comments and 5 star rates on your video, so your video is going to be honoured as
the most voted and the most discussed within its category.
The second one is too make multiple accounts and comment and rate your video
manually. This might sound very hard, but the reality is that you need very less
comments and stars to get featured as many people do not bother with this.
It is useful sometimes as it can give your video straight thumbs up, but it is not an
earth shaker.
Another thing that you can do is to appeal to the people sentiments in order to
comment and star your video. For instance, if you have made a video about your dog,
say in the video, if you liked this dog please rate and comment. If you put a sexy
video say, if you like her, please rate and comment. If you have put a movie trailer,
say if you have seen the movie, please rate and comment. This will increase the
conversions to your website.

Now, as a matter of fact what are the videos that are usually viewed and go viral:
-funny, comedy
-drama = shock, bad accidents, stuff like that
-cute = babies, pets, etc..
-latest games, movies, shows etc.

How to convert viewers into visitors:
There are several facts that need to be keep in mind
-First one: COMPLETELY watermark the video with your url. This means from
beginning till the end, not just beginning, not just the end, not just in the middle.
Completely. Because there will be other people who will just take your video, edit it
and remove your credits, and then add their own credits in order to gain traffic. By
completely watermarking the url, you avoid this.
-Second one: Make use of the TOS restrictions in order to drive traffic to your
website. For instance youtube videos forbids the adult videos. You can just take a softsexy video, and at the end of the video, say: “Youtube TOS forbids us from showing
more. Please visit our site to see more”
Or you can just take an adult video, cut the introduction part where there is no nudity,
and upload that one, with the same message. This is REALLY a killer, you will get
plenty of traffic using it. Most of the users are looking for adult videos on youtube,
but they can not find them. When you will display such a message, be sure they will
become your visitors!!!!!!!!!!